How to block third party services from tracking you

hey everyone,
Back I am with new tutorial. We would discuss certain tools and browser addons/tricks to block third party services from tracking your data.

Unknowingly we provide loads on info to third party services. These services capture our data while we visit different websites.

NOTE: the ad on are not blocks since they are not third party ads.(except for the video on right top)
Search Engines

Browser Addons

Browser preferences
— Use private browsing whenever possible
— Enable Do not track feature in browser
— To always allow privacy mode in firefox type “about:config”(without quotes) in your URL and then in press” YOU WILL BE CAREFUL” and in filter type “browser.privatebrowsing.autostart” and set it to TRUE

For Advance Anonymity (when you require to share confidential/secret information) (a secure network enabled browser bundle, download and run) (a complete anonymous operating system based on linux and uses TOR)