Project Avgat: Public harassment reporting app

Hello everyone, it been a long time since i have posted anything.
Today I would like to share a small application I made specially for women, girls. The app is currently targeted for India.
There has been an increase number of cases of eve teasing in different part of country. Its shameful, that some mentally ill(i call them so), uneducated, moral-less males think that harassing a women is an act of bravery.

I have known some female friends who face some sort of harassment in daily lives. most of them face it while going to work/school/college or at work/school/college. I asked them what do they do about it. Most of them told me that they share it parents/friends or just ignore it.

So I made a web app named Project avgat ( The app lets you post the details of harassment over the map with location and a photo(optional).
The motive it simple, “don’t ignore it , post it”. The app lets you mark your location and description about what happened. This would really help other women/girls form your city to locate such locations while going out of home.


desktop browser access:
Android mobile app (on google play):

Special thanks to my friend  Sammy Shwairy from Lebanon for creating the android app.

Future plans
Once we have enough data, I would try patching up with NGOs, administration for security of such marked areas. I hope you would like it.

Introduction Video

 User manual part-1

User Manual part-2